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About US

•••you make memories••••••we just capture them••

This firm has been existing in this small town of Jammu since (1986) under the name R.S. Video. A single man,(Kavi Raj Gupta), single handedly initiated this venture project and over the years have become a proud and satisfied employer and owner of this firm.With the changing time, his elder son, (Aditya Mahajan) has taken a firm step to extend his dad's Firm upto new horizons. To make it go online is his approach. •••We capture what you experience now, so you can enjoy them later.•••This firm traditionally capture the blessful marriage moments, i.e. Marriage photography, and enthusiastic party times,i.e. Party photography. To add the modern touch, we do photography, ol types of party's,indoor portfolio, outdoor portfolio, landscape photography, candid photography,Government Functions,Birthday's All the memories of ur's we capture..A great philiosopher said that ,'Photographs say a million things',But we'll make sure that your moments with us not only say a million things, but also express a million feelings.

Let us be a part of your memory.